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Name:Lots of Clever Little Things
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A community dedicated to anything and everything to do with the Skulduggery Pleasant series by Derek Landy.

We welcome news posts, discussions, reviews, recommendations, fan fiction and fan art. All ships are welcome, as is general fic and art. Feel free to promote and link to your own fic, art, reviews or discussion posts either on your own LJ or elsewhere, as long as they are about Skulduggery Pleasant or its characters.

LJ cuts are required for posts longer than a drabble, including posts containing large artwork. Any mature content must always be behind a cut and appropriately warned for. Posts containing spoilers for any books published within the last two years (currently Mortal Coil, Death Bringer and The End of the World) should also be behind a cut and appropriately labelled.

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billy-ray sanguine, china sorrows, dark days, darquesse, death bringer, derek landy, end of the world, fletcher renn, fletchyrie, ghanith, ghastly bespoke, lord vile, mortal coil, nefarian serpine, playing with fire, scepter of the ancients, skulduggery pleasant, stephanie edgley, tanith low, the faceless ones, valduggery, valkyrie cain, valkyrie/caelan, valkyrie/fletcher, valkyrie/skulduggery, vaurien scapegrace
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